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A message from the President of MSP:

 Dear Massachusetts Pathologists,

 Please explore and note some of the new features for our members and some for our first time visitors:
  • Online membership application(visitors)
  • Access to membership contacts(members only)
  • Upcoming educational sessions announcements(members and visitors)
  • Recordings of prior educational sessions(members and attendees)
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For those who are new to our organization, the Massachusetts Society of Pathologists is dedicated to helping pathologists practice at the highest level by supporting advocacy, networking and education of all Massachusetts pathologists.

MSP represents the educational and professional interests of its members and is the voice of pathologists at the grass roots level. Please see our advocacy update from our State Issues Advisor.

MSPis committed to sustaining and enhancing continuing education, and the viability of the practice of medicine and pathology.

MSP is committed to upholding the highest standard of medical practice and serves as a model, through its members, of professional behavior, academic achievement and proactive patient advocacy.

MSP also serves as the voice of local pathologists to the College of American Pathologists and works with CAP on advocacy issues on the state and national levels.

Please take a few moments to view this important message from the CAP on the importance of supporting your state Pathology society: https://youtu.be/T_yDkz-OY5g [youtu.be]

Please enjoy the new website and join to support pathology practice in Massachusetts!

Michael Misialek, M.D. 





2024 MSP Spring Meeting

Information and Registration

Tuesday May 14

5:45 pm- 8:00 pm

Massachusetts Medical Society, Waltham Woods

CAP Update: Donald Karcher, M.D.

Endometrial carcinoma: Marisa Nucci, M.D.


Legislative Update- Winter 2023

Read Dr. Gang's update here

New Job Listings (members only)

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 6/7/24: New listing-Cambridge Health Alliance, Chief of Pathology

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